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Aghi Karsa Project
Environmental Heroez - KMIL ITB

Environmental Heroez (ENVRZ!) is a semi autonomous organisation under Environmental Infrastructure Engineering Student Organisation (KMIL) in Bandung Institute of Technology. ENVRZ! operates in community service based activities/projects specifically on upgrading clean water access for remote areas and communities.

Our project hopes to reduce the burden of remote areas and comunities regarding clean water access. As for the graduate students as the executor, this project will give chance to experience a community based construction, living on remote areas, socializing with people that have difference in culture and social values, and other field work experience.

The target area for the project are specific for remote areas and comunities (3T) which located outside the island of Java. So far we have experienced the fact that there are a lot of clean water access problem even in the highly populated and highly accessible island of Java. These areas have a bigger chance to be visited either by government or by the universities community service programs. But what about the remote areas outside the Java island where the access of clean water is poor? Where neither government nor universities community service programs could reach them ? Therefore, ENVRZ! takes this situation as problem to be solved.

As the first and trial project, the selected location was Dusun Dhuwet, Gunungkidul of Jogjakarta by the Desember of 2016. The project was separated into two different main programs, which are the social program and the construction program. The social program is executed in order to gain trust and to inistiate closeness between students and the community so that the construction program, which is a community based construction, could be executed smoothly.

The project was to pump the water from 20 meters depths cave into over than 50 meter height in difference water reservoir on the top of a hill in the village that span over 400 meters lenght of pipe channel. The construction was done by the work of the team and the villagers.

The villagers active participation will guarantee the sustainability of the project. The project was a success as the community upgraded the system by constructing a public water tap from the reservoir by themselves.

Now, in 2019, the selected area for the project is Way Gubak, an urban village in Bandar Lampung. The major problem is that the clean water accessibillity is low during dry seasons. In dry seasons, the river which created from three spearated water spring vanishes so the villager’s have only two clean water sources that are low capacity water springs. The people must take turn in line in order to get the clean water from early morning arround 3 AM until 11 AM using buckets and carry them them back home.

Our project now is to build a dam that can store up some water that flows during the rain season and will be used during the dry season. The water from the dam will be pumped to the mosque’s reservoir which located in the residential area. With this, the villagers do not have to spent too much time and energy to access clean water because it will be much closer when the project is done. The social project will still be executed just like our first project because we can not deny that the most effective way to gain trust so that the community based construction in order to chase the sustainability of the system is by doing the social activity with the people.


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Bantuan dari INDONESIA RELIEF USA, yang ditujukan untuk membiayai biaya pengabdian masyarakat environmental heroez "Arghi Karsa Project periode 2018-2019 "


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