Siti Sahro Locke

Sitti Sahro Locke as known as Sahro or Ms. Sarah. She is a Director for Ms. Sarah’s Tutor Center and Day Care along as a curriculum and academic specialist for IMAAM Sunday School Maryland.

She was a teacher at SACC Program Fairfax County Government Office for Children and teaching there for  eight years , also helped to create SACC curriculum 2012-2013 and became a chair representative of Head Start Fairfax County VA.

Prior to being appointed SAAC teacher, she was teaching Biology in High School MAN 1 Jakarta and Hajj Government Guide for Indonesian Consulate Jeddah.

Sarah is paasionate in Education, Children and Women subjects.

She holds Master of education from George Mason University VA and Doctorate candidate for Instructional Technology from Jakarta State University. She also co founded Sekretariat Bersama Perempuan Yogyakarta Nonprofit organization, with the focus to empower labor women

Aside that in local DC area , she also actively involces in  IMAAM Religious non-profit organization, by served as one of the Board.


As one of Indonesia Relief Board of Trustee member, she is overseeing  Education and Women Department.

The Book Drive program that was launched  since 2012 is based on her own passion . Her desire is to bring hope and to break the language barrier through books, libraries, and educational programs for  Indonesian Children.