IR-USA and MinangUSA: West Sumatera Post Earthquake Relief Program


Washington DC, July 31, 2010 –Indonesian diasporas in the United States united together to donate 94 computers to earthquake-ravaged schools in the Indonesian province of West Sumatra. The fundraising was organized by two US-based NGOs: Indonesia Relief-USA (provided 54 computer units) and Minang USA (provided 40 computer units).
 A quarter of a million families were affected by the September 2009 West Sumatra Earthquake affected, with over a thousand people perished and 3000 more injured. Close to 300,000 homes, buildings, health facilities, and schools were damaged. As the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase picks up, the education sector becomes one of the key areas of focus.
“After a major natural disaster like the West Sumatra Earthquake, we have to ensure that children remains in school and investment in the future generation does not get disrupted,” said Dr. Amang Sukasih, President of Indonesia Relief-USA. “These computers will go to 11 middle schools in the province. Thousands of students benefit as the result. These students are currently on a school holiday, but when these new computers will be waiting for them.”
West Sumatra is located near the main fault lines between earth’s major plates and vulnerable to seismic activities within the Pacific Ring of Fire. The 7.6 magnitude quake on September 30, 2009, decimated the city of Padang –the province’s capital—along with four major districts in West Sumatra.
The West Sumatran community in the U.S. also mobilized themselves straight after the tragedy. Minang USA, which represents the community, organized several fundraising campaign to help victims of the earthquake. Donations from non-Indonesian communities were also received.
Once we learned of the tragedy from relatives back home, we mobilized ourselves to see how best we could help –both during the humanitarian relief and reconstruction phase. We are driven by our emotional attachment, no effort is too small for humanity,” said Malik Abdulllah, President of Minang USA. “We mourn the lives lost. The challenge going forward is not just to rebuild West Sumatra, but to rebuild back better than before.”  [::malarief::]


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