Brothershood - Sisterhood Sponsorship

Brotherhood—Sisterhood Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you or your children  and the child in need  in which Indonesia Relief USA is helping to create real and lasting change.

It provides more than the satisfaction that comes with aid for improving the education, the health and well-being of children; it delivers a special opportunity to witness young lives lifted over time. Through brotherhood-sisterhood  sponsorship, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored brother/sister.



· Creates a unique bond between your children  and a his/ her  sponsor brother/sister in  need

· Helps benefactors witness firsthand the work that Indonesia Relief USA does

· Fosters a meaningful relationship through letters , emails, Facebook and other correspondence across borders and human boundaries. You or your child will come to know about your sponsored child’s family, community, daily routine and his or her hopes for the future. These connections will give children hope, make them feel nurtured and provide the confidence they might otherwise lack.


Indonesia Relief USA cultivates strategic partnerships and innovative collaborations with our partner, Dompet Dhuafa that share our vision of a better world for children. These efforts enable us to increase our resources and the impact of our work for the benefit of children in Indonesia.


Dompet Dhuafa with their SMART Ekselensia school  have a program "Sponsor an orphan / needy kids ". Its been around for  around 4-5 years by now.
They gather some information in some poor areas, then select several poor kids with a good academic achievement. Then match this particular kid with a potential donor.

After that they will schooled this kid at their school , SMART Ekselensia in Bogor.
For now, they only accepting Middle and High School students.
These kids go to school for free, their education and living cost paid by the donor, around $ 20 - 25 / monthly. It has a dorm house as well.

Even though Dompet Dhuafa/ DD only has 1 school for now, but they also work / coordinate several schools throughout Indonesia, for elementary and middle school children, with third parties. They called it "Fillial SMART Ekselensia ", this is the sample
They involve in the selection and monitoring these children as well.

Each student in SMART Ekselensia has their own "progress record" that can be viewed and monitored by the donor

 Dompet Dhuafa will also try to find some way to open the communication between sponsored student and donor, through email - Facebook - Skype etc.

So each relationship between a particular student with donor will last, not just mere giving donation and thats all. 

If the donor is an American-Indonesian kids or just a regular American kids, there is another added benefit for this program, which is the donor can learn something about poverty - struggle as a poor kid - many aspects about Indonesia etc, while the Indonesian kids can learn about big dreams - many thing in America that they don't know yet - different culture etc.

And in the future, since many of these Indonesian kids are very smart and might have a chance to continue their study abroad when they are adult, at least thru this program they already have a "brother or sister" in America that can provide them with some information.